Aust Ch & Multi BISS

Brohez Archibald Da Rogue ET


(Toploader Black Falcon x Aust Ch Jolena Black Dahlia)


L2-Hga Clear and HC DNA Clear
DOB 13.02.2008

Deacon hit the ring in 2010 with a bang.  Taking out back to back Best In Specialty Show
on the Saturday & Sunday at the SBT Club of Victoria in March at the age of 2.

Deacon then continued his success with taking out many class and in show wins at specialty level.


Deacon has been consistently placed since he hit the ring. He is a true showman, he is always on his toes and exudes the tenacity that the breed is renowned for.  Deacon is a perfect blend of bull and terrier and not overdone in anyway. Deacon is the heart and soul of LilRock.

                  In 2015 Deacon also proved that he can do it all by gaining his

                                     "ENDURANCE TITLE" to his name

                                             all at the age of 7 1/2yrs


2016 In Queensland after taking out "Veteran In Show" Deacon saw the inside of a show ring for the last time. After hitting the Show ring with a bang in 2010 Deacon went on to achieve what most can only dream off. He is now happily retired but a far from quiet retirement cause Deacon doesnt do "QUIET".

Available at stud to approved health tested bitches.


Frozen Semen available 


Specialty Results & Critiques

SBT Club of QLD August 2016

"Veteran In Show"

Judge: Mr Harry Carter (UK)
              Looking well for age & in good condition, ears ok, good eye placement, enough strength in muzzle,

Clean lip with correct bite, straight front top line ok Moved & handled well.


SBT Club of QLD August 2015

"2nd Veteran Dog"

                                                                               Judge: Ms Shirley Gray "Bullmaple" (UK)

                           Ch Brohez Archibald Da Rogue ET. Black bridle - another from the top drawer. Good head, straight front, well angulated

                               shoulder, level topline, well bent stifles and sound quarters finished off with ideal tail set. Another good mover.

                                                                               SBT Club of SA Champ Show October 2014

                                                                                                   "2nd Open Dog"

                                                                                Judge: Ms Charlotte Holman "Borolo" (AUS) 

                        Black brindle dog of very good breed type and well proportioned. Strong, classic head, with dark round eyes, distinct stop,

                        well developed cheeks, strong muzzle, scissor bite. Correct length of neck, flowing into well laid back shoulders, straight

                          in bone and square in front, strong pasterns and correct feet. Good ribcage, low set on of pumphandle tail. Moved well


SBT Club of South Australia October 2013

“3rd Open Dog”

Judge: Mr Frans Coetzer (AUS) “Zeracious”

B/B dog good head shape dark eye, rose ears, bite good, neck and shoulder good, straight front, well muscled hind quarter,

moved and handled well.


ACT & District SBT Club Show April 2013

"4th Australian Bred Dog"

Judge: Ms Tracey Amos (AUS) “Verysharp”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Victoria Champ Show March 2013

"4th Australian Bred Dog"

Judge: Mrs J A Smith (UK) "Willowstaff”

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of SA Champ Show October 2012
"2nd Australian Bred Dog"
Judge: Mrs J Sing (AUS)

Black Brindle dog of many virtues, nice shaped head with no exaggerations, pleasing expression dark eyes, scissor bite, balanced and presented in the best of condition, just preferred head shape of 1st and more depth/width of muzzle.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of QLD Champ Show August 2012
"2nd Australian Bred Dog"
Judge: Mr Wedgwood (UK)

Black/brindle with small fleck on chest, good head shape, neat ears, good bite, good front and deep brisket, up on his pastern, correct topline, enough bone, neat tight well-padded feet and good strong highquarters and moved well.


                           SBT Club of QLD August 2012                              

                                                                      "4th Australian Bred Dog"                                                                          

                                                                                            Judge: Mr G Turley (UK)                                                                                                               

SBT Society of NSW April 2012

"4th Australian Bred Dog"
Judge: Mr M Bradley (UK)

                                                   SBT Club of WA November 2011                                                      

"2nd Australian Bred Dog"  

Judge: Mr S Bradder  (UK) 

Blk/br, another of standard size carrying most of the attributes of 1,   good head & neck, nice shoulder placement, short backed with good bone & overall balanced, in good coat & condition, moved & handled well & was unlucky to meet 1 today


SBT Club of NNSW Sep 2011

"4th Australian Bred Dog"
 Judge: Mr Paul Martin (UK)

SBT Club of QLD August 2011

"2nd Australian Bred Dog"

Judge: Mrs B Janssen (Netherlands)

            ACT & Dist. SBT Club April 2011            

                                                                                   "3rd Australian Bred Dog"                                                                                    

                                                           Judge: Mrs E Stanway "Waystaff" (UK)                                                            

Not as clean lipped as 1 and 2, but an attractive expression and good head shape and neat ears. Straight front and level topline. Moved OK.


SBT Society NSW April 2011

"4th Open Dog"
Judge: Mr J Ryder "Kannechor" (UK)


​SBT Club of Victoria March 2011          

"Limit In Show"

Judge: Mrs Lesley Macfadyen "Araidh" (UK)
An obvious class winner here, this dog was good standard size, enough about him without it being too much. Very typical expression although again darker eyes would be better, but great ear set and good clean muzzle with width and breadth to it. He held his topline both stacked and moving and looked the part, although a bit more maturity in rib would complete the picture. I can see why the judges last year liked him.                            


SBT Club of Victoria March 2011
                                                                                            "3rd Limit Dog"                                                                                          
Judge: Mr Ivor Keyes "Keysdale" (UK) 

                     Black brindle, not the head shape of first, enough substance and bone, tidy feet, well sprung rib, level topline and moved nicely.                                

                       South Australia SBT Club Oct 2010                        

"Intermediate In Show"    

        Judge: Mr A Dodsworth (UK)          

A good looking black brindle, head to muzzle ratio spot on, which gave him a clean correct bite. Short strong neck going into well laid shoulders, 

                              bags of spring of rib with a strong back end, strong mover.                              


South Australian SBT Club Oct 2010
"2nd Intermediate Dog"
Judge: Mrs Carol Smith "Nuklnoz" (AUS)

Black brindle with good head, eyes, rose ears, mouth. Level topline, good hindquarters. Moved and handled well.

I did prefer the overall head of 1st a fraction more.

SBT Club of NNSW Sept 2010

“Opposite Intermediate In Show”

Judge: Mrs K Jackson “Jackabyte” (UK)

A nice B/Brindle dog with many attributes and good all round proportions. He has a good skull and shape with a pleasing expression from eyes set  wide apart and correct ear set. Clean headed, tight lipped. Nice straight front with enough bone to neat feet. Strong muscular neck, widening to well laid shoulders. Deep through brisket. Level topline when stacked and maintained on the move. Sound rear movement and strong backend. Presented in gleaming condition.  Handled well as he strode out moving with power and drive.


SBT Club of QLD May 2010
"Opposite Intermediate In Show"

             Judge: Mrs M Coetzer "Zeracious" (Sth Africa)              

Clean in head, pronounced stop and small rose ears with keen expression. Brown eyes a bit too light for me. Strong neck flowing into laid back shoulders, pasterns strong, slightly slanting with neat feet. Fit, muscled body and shown in good condition. Well tucked-up. Short in loin, strong bone, well developed hind quarters and shiny, close, smooth coat. Pump handle tail, carriage low set. Handled well.


                                                                   ACT & Dist SBT Club April 2010                                                                      
                                                                           "3rd Intermediate Dog "                                                                              
                                              Judge: Mr Tec Norton - "Tikkurilan" (UK)

Black brindle, a keen expression, in contrast to the second placed  & really not much between these rather contrasting dogs both exhibiting (differing) qualities, a dog that l liked, good front & back end, another without exaggerations.                                                        

ACT & Dist SBT Club April 2010

"Opposite Intermediate In Show"

Judge: Mrs Elaine Norton "Tikkurlian" (UK)

Soundly made blac brindle with a short coupled body and good spring of rib. He has a strong neck of correct length, widening to good lay of shoulders and strong back end. He used his neat ears well helped by round wide apart eyes to produce a good expression.

SBT Victoria Club Champ Show 7th March 2010

Judge: Mr Kevin Morton - "Kelinvyre" (UK)

Black brindle with small white marking on chest. One of the stars of the day. Just over 2yrs old. Nice clean head with good bite and underjaw, clean lipped, strong neck of correct length leading into good shoulders & front. Nice bodied dog with correct spring of rib. Good rear quarters with hocks well let down. Would like to see him with more muscle definition as would enhance the overall picture. Dog CC & BIS – Well done! A dog that definitely deserves to earn his title.

SBT Victoria Club Champ Show 6th March 2010


Judge: Mr P Harkin - "Harkline" (UK)​

Black brindle dog. Excellent blend of bull and terrier with a cracking head. Not overdone in any way. Keenest of expression, clean lips good bite and very large white teeth. Dak round eye, neatest of ears, good straight front with plenty of bone. Nice tight feet, short nails as black as coal. Short couple dog, with plenty of rib. Excellent topline and good bend of stifle. Moved and handled perfectly. DCC & BIS.


New Endurance Title Champion

New Endurance Title Champion

Deacon obtained his Endurance Champion titled in 2015 at the age of 7 1/2! Age is no barrier for him

Opp Inter In Show - ACT April 2010

Opp Inter In Show - ACT April 2010

Judge: Mrs Elaine Norton - "Tikkurlian" (UK)

Opp Intermediate In Show - Aug 2010

Opp Intermediate In Show - Aug 2010

Judge: Mrs M Coetzer - "Zeracious" (Sth Africa)

Best In Specialty Show - March 2010

Best In Specialty Show - March 2010

Judge: Pat Harkin

Opp Inter In Show - NNSW Sep 2010

Opp Inter In Show - NNSW Sep 2010

Judge: Mrs K Jackson - "Jackabyte" (UK)

Intermediate In Show - Sth Aust 2010

Intermediate In Show - Sth Aust 2010

Judge: Mr A Dodsworth (UK)

Best In Specialty Show - March 2010

Best In Specialty Show - March 2010

Judge: Kevin Morton Entries 280 dogs

Limit In Show - VIC 2011

Limit In Show - VIC 2011

Judge: Mrs Lesley Macfadyen - "Araidh" (UK)



Deacons Pedigree

Deacons Pedigree